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My name is Philip Alcock and I live in NJ, USA. I was born in New York City and lived there until 1965, when I married and moved to NJ, because my company relocated me.

I had given up art in the 4th grade, because I was taught that "real men don't do art". So, after highschool I become a Toolmaker and then went to college and became an Industrial Engineer.


In our first Christmas in NJ, my wife bought me a book about Wood Carving because she knew I would like to do it as a hobby. The book just sat on a shelf for a great many years. About 10 years ago my children were all grown and I wondered what I could do as a hobby. Finally I started trying to carve. These pieces are a result of that effort, perhaps they are not too bad.

Although my job keeps me travelling 100% of the time I usually managed to some sculptures each year. Now I would like to share these sculptures with you. Most of these pieces are for sale. I am also interested in doing new things if you want to commission me to make something for you.

My e-mail address is
Snail mail address:
                                Philip Alcock
                                51 Burnham Road
                                Morris Plains, NJ 07950



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