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he remembers geronimo

he remembers geronimo

 As a child, living in New York City, my brothers, sisters, friends and I had a great interest in native american culture. I admire their original life style and their continued culture, ethics and beliefs.

Native americans have not had an easy life and I tried to show that in this face. Geronimo was an Apache indian who was very successful in fighting
against the US Army (cavalry) in the desert southwest, that is, in Arizona/New Mexico. Eventually he gave up and was sent to prison in Florida. This piece is of an old man who, as a child, knew Geronimo. This man is still proud of his heros and his people (the Apaches) and what life was like before being confined to a reservation, although he is old and worn out by life on the reservation.

This is made of one piece of a wood called "Butternut". It stands 14 1/2 inches high and is now on a 2" tall black formica plinth. It is finished
with 8-10 coats of Danish oil. I mixed a little bit of red oil paint in the danish oil to color the bandanna he wears around his head.


Price $875. USD  
(SOLD but you can order one like it.)

Price does not include shipping or customs duty. Buyer will also have to pay those. 


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