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Mermaid Morphing, Phase 4

Mermaid Morphing, Phase 4

This piece shows a mermaid who is in the process of changing into human form. She has already changed her fish tail to human legs, so I judge she is in the 4th phase of transition. In the 5th stage she will look completely human.

In this piece she still has a tinge of green color in her lower legs, her eyes are still green, ears are still pointed and she is changing the color of her hair from green to blond. While I created this piece I realized that Mer-folk could not have the long hair that most artists show in paintings. That would be a non-survival trait; long hair would slow down their swim speed and the would be killed by their enemies. So while they are in mer-form their hair hardens into a dynamic shape, in this piece it looks a little like the shell of a horseshoe crab.

The mermaid is shaking her hair out of this shape. This transition from shape to hair, IS WHY so many artists paint them combing their hair; Mermaids like to comb or brush the knots and sea weed out of it while above water and that is all the other artists have seen..

I also had a bronze casting made from this original. There will be only 14 pieces in this Limited Edition.

This piece is 16 1/2 inches tall. It is made of one piece of bass wood. It is now mounted on a, 1 inch high, plinth of  walnut wood.

I am currently planning to do a "Mermaid Morphing, Phase 2". She will be seated and just beginning to change her tail into legs.

Price $3700. USD  

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