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He came back Holy

He came back Holy

This piece is called 'He Came Back Holy'. It is the image of a Lakota medicine man. "Lakota" is the proper name for the Native Americans that are often referred to as the Sioux.
When a young man wanted to be considered a man, he bathed in a sweat lodge to purify himself and went out to be alone. He fasted and prayed until the Great Spirit gave him a vision. In the vision he was shown what his spirit helper was and what he was to do.
This medicine man was shown that his spirit helper was the buffalo, that is why he wears a buffalo headress when he practices his medicine. In addition the Great spirit brought him to a place where he found the vertebrae of a prehistoric mammoth, which he thinks was a giant buffalo. The amulet he wears around his neck was fashioned from this vertebrae.
This piece is 15 inches high on a 2 inch high plinth (base). It is made of one piece of "Butternut" wood.


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